Hello everyone!  I thought I would start a little blog to help our family and friends who are far and near stay updated on our new puppy, watch her grow up on this site, and have this be a nice look back for us when she is older. For any non-friends/family who stumble upon this site, I appreciate any helpful tips/positive feedback you want to send along my way 🙂 Also, I have never written a blog before so hold your judgement please!

My husband and I have both grown up with dogs, but we are first time puppy owners and are definitely learning as we go!  We have an 8 week old Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) whose name is Riley.  She is almost all white except for a little black spot on one of her back paws.  Typically PWD’s are mostly black and white, so she is definitely a rarity of her breed.  Most people that meet her think she is a golden doodle!  We picked her up on Saturday and showed her around her new digs. First meet up

Her first night we put her into her crate brought her up to our room at 10pm and she cried for a little bit and eventually settled down, she then cried again at midnight, 2am, where she was quick to settle down, and then wide awake at 5:15am.  So her first full day we took her for a walk in the morning, from the back yard to the front yard (we used a harness instead of a collar with a retractable leash), once we reached the front yard she decided that was enough and then she napped for an hour! First walk

We took her to PetSmart and picked up some grooming tools, training treats, and an ID tag.  I’ve never been to PetSmart before, everyone is walking around with their dogs, it’s so fun!  They also have a grooming department, and a doggie daycare/hotel for pets to stay overnight.  We were offered this $20 new puppy packet that is LOADED with coupons on everything you need including a free grooming session, 2 free doggie daycare sessions, free bag of puppy food, free puppy training session, and a free Kong toy!  All the customers told us that PetSmart is better than PetCo because the prices are better, they have the pet day care, and have a bigger variety of items needed.  PetCo does have some better vet options, but we are going elsewhere for a Vet so it doesn’t matter.  We also got her ID tag there were there is a machine that lasers on any information you want!  Pretty cool.

We put her in the crate for the car ride there and back, and Jamie (my husband) carried her the entire time in the store, after we learned that her endurance is not so great after the attempted walk in the morning.  She did great in the crate and the entire time we were in the store!  Of course when we got home, she had another nap– by the end of the day yesterday I think she napped at least 10 times!  I read online somewhere that 8 week old puppies can sleep anywhere from 18-22 hours a day! We thought she looked like Falcor from the Neverland movie, but then when we pulled up an imagine, she looked nothing like Falcor at all, haha Sleeping Puppy- Falcor

As far as toileting goes, I would say we are currently about 50/50 with going outside vs. inside.  We give her a training treat BilJac Little Jacs training treats when she goes outside and we use the command “Do your business.” Training Treats We don’t give any attention/scold her when she goes inside because any attention (good or bad) at this age will only encourage her to continue “doing her business” inside.

We feed her 3 times a day with Eukanuba Puppy Chiot Growth 1-12 months and we stuff her Kong toys with the kibble. Eukanuba Puppy Chiot She does love her chew toys, but she also has been caught chewing on her doggie bed, her crate, and theres a piece of wood underneath the radiator she seems to have occasional interest in, if this continues– we will have to gate around it or find some sort of spray to put on it so she won’t like it.

Here are a few more first day photos.. enjoy! Jamie and Riley
Curled up in dog bed


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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One Response to Welcome

  1. nyrunnergirl says:

    So cute! Love her already and cant wait to meet her. When we started training Roscoe, Paul’s mom decided we would go with “empty” instead of do your business. I personally think yelling “do your business” outside sounds a little better at 2am than “EMPTY!!!”. haha So glad you have this so I can get updates on her 🙂

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