Day 2

Riley did better her 2nd night, went to bed around 10, slept until 2 and was crying for an hour.  Jamie got up and let her outside, and then she fell back asleep til 5:45, we kept her in the crate until 6.. hopefully 6am will soon become the habit 🙂  Her current routine seems to be go to the bathroom, eat, play with toys/play with us, bite stuff, try to tear apart dog bed, sleep, eat, repeat.

Jamie went to work today and I took the day off to help her get into a routine and continue the housebreaking.  From 6 to 6:45 she was very awake!  Jumping around, playing with her toys, and getting a little fiesty… she is definitely teething!  She started to settle down and she napped from about 7 to 9:15.  I am jealous of her napping skills!  I took her outside where she was successful with “Do your business” I rewarded her with a treat, and then I took her for a walk.  She does NOT like pavement… I carried her to the street and she hated it!  I brought her onto our driveway and she dashed for the grass… she loves eating grass.  We try to minimize it as much as possible.  She napped again until 11:30, I put her into the crate said good-bye and left for a half hour.  She whimpered for about 2 seconds and fell asleep.  When I got home she was out cold, but she did rip off the mini snack plastic trough in her crate.

I woke her up, took her out of the crate and took her outside again “to do her business,” when I brought her back up she was biting on everything!!  Her bed, toys, and crate! We have been using what our breeder recommended, the “tsst” method.  I tried to attach a video, but I couldn’t find one.  We keep her in a nice space that is gated off from the rest of the house, and will do so until she is out of the teething stage and when she is housebroken. She had lunch around 12:15 and has been napping ever since about 1:45, we had some visitors at 2:30 and she got a little fiesty, especially interested in my mom’s friends sneaker.  I feel like I need even more chew toys! Also looking into bitter apple spray for items such as the radiator and wooden gate (afraid it will splinter) she has become quite fond of.

We got our puppy book in the mail today that was recommended by our breeders!  “The Portuguese Water Dog: A Guide for the New Owner” It’s a very easy and quick read, with  a lot of helpful tips.  Glad I read it front to back because it has some extra helpful details in the last chapter past the information about breeding/show dogs.  I actually read some of it while she was sleeping on my lap 🙂


Tomorrow I go back to work and we will find out how she does being home alone for a few hours at a time, she will be let out at lunch, given some time outside.  Hopefully the day goes by fast tomorrow, hate to leave her home 😦 but I gotta go back to work.  When she gets past the 12 week marker, we will probably try doggie daycare a few times a week, but we’ll see!  Gotta end it with another cute puppy picture.. this is Riley exhausted after chasing the tennis ball which is almost the size of her head!


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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