Teething Machine

Back to work, and wow, it’s pretty awful.  Anytime I look at my phone her picture is the background which only makes me miss her even more!  If only I could be an OT at my house and see patients through Skype.. haha.  Luckily I have some help from my parents who will take her out at lunch and feed her on some days, and I’ll do the others.  She is getting really good at voiding outside!  We have had minimal accidents inside with voiding, wish I could say the same for her bowel movements… but hey it’s only day 4!  She has been doing really great in the crate when we are not home, and is not having any accidents in the crate which is great!  She also slept straight until 4 am last night!

Her teething has really stepped it up a notch in the last two days, her chew toys keep her occupied for a little while, but she has moments of being really mouthy and biting.  My favorite is the Kong bone because you can stuff kibble in the sides for her to snack on and encourage using the toys.

She responds immediately to the “tsst” method or yelping like a puppy.. but she goes back to biting soon after.  After doing some research, 8 weeks is prime time for teething and there were a lot of recommendations of having her chew on ice or frozen wash cloths.  She is LOVING the ice!  Thank goodness, and it helps soothe those sore gums.  It is also hilarious watching her chase it when it slides on the across the floor, and I love how she walks around so proud when she is able to pick up the piece of ice and carry it around.  If anyone has any tips on to help us through this teething phase, we would appreciate any tips!

Her back legs are getting stronger, they are sliding out on her less and now she is able to run in the yard.  She definitely needs to have the leash on because she is getting quick!  Her endurance is also improving and she is able to walk further every day.

She has been getting a lot of visitors!! It depends on when they visit but either she is sweet and cuddly or jumpy/nipping.  I take her for a “long” walk and get her to run around a bunch before visitors come to try and get her to chill out/decrease the mouthy-ness.

We made her first vet appointment for her 12 week visit, and after that she will have full immunity so she can go to doggy daycare, we can take her to dog parks, and she can visit with my other friends dogs!


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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3 Responses to Teething Machine

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Samantha and Jamie,
    Riley is adorable! Porties are super cute, super smart pups and she’ll keep you busy, but she’ll be a great companion and friend. I’ve had Porties for 25 years and currently have eight of them. I’ve never known more loyal dogs. Sorry, I don’t know of many PWD blogs. There are a couple and I’ll look up their addresses for you, but they don’t post very often. I look forward to watching Riley grow up.
    Sue and the Pack

  2. Sue says:

    I forgot my teething suggestion in my last comment. When my pups were little I gave them baby carrots to chew on. They were cold so it helped numb the gums, they were tough providing good chews and if they ate them, they were good for them. My adult pups still love baby carrots and we often use them as treats.

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