We’ve been giving her a little bit more freedom as she improves with her house training… and she loves relaxing on the couch!




We have had a ton of rain and I’m not sure if you can tell in the pictures or not, but she loves playing in the mud and puddles!  Below is supposed to be a picture of a muddy paw, but it didn’t come out that great.

She is also getting the hang of playing catch and bringing it back to me!  Letting the item go… well we aren’t quite there yet.. but we are making gains!

She’s running around the yard now, and she’s getting faster… even hard for me to catch her sometimes!  Also she is jumping up and down the curbs with no trouble… although there are still some times where those back legs aren’t completely coordinated with the front legs.. and she does a somersault of some sort  usually happens when we are playing with her on the floor.

I ordered a bunch of puppy development books, and I am hoping they arrive soon!!  Ending this post with a cute one!


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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