Rough afternoon

So it was a typical work day routine, got home around 4, let out the pup.. let her run around a bit, and then had to leave to go pick up my mom.  So I thought it would be fun to bring Riley with me instead of having her be alone in the house.  So I put her in the crate, threw in a couple of toys, got her in the car and we were off!

Well it’s a Friday so there was a TON of traffic, I decided to take back roads, which are very twisty and lots of ups and down… plus everyone was driving like jerks because they were just wanting to get out of work and get home.

The drive took twice as long as it usually does, and when I got to my parents house, I took her out and she was COVERED in urine… she has NEVER gone in her crate before!  I let her run around in the grass a bit.. brought her up to my parents place and cleaned her up a little, let her out in their grass area again and then had to put her back in the car.

I had my mom sit in the back with her, and then she got sick twice!  I felt so awful 😦  She had been in the car twice previously and had no problems!  Hoping she isn’t a car sick kind of pup!  When we got home we hosed out her crate and then gave her a bath (she still hates them btw).. so we’ve been giving her extra TLC tonight, luckily she is feeling much better!  Will be thinking twice before I put her in the car again!

Here she is curled up in her freshly clean crate after her rough car ride 😦

But now she is feeling better and back to being her Riley self 🙂  Throwing all her toys and towels (there are extra from her bath) and leaving them strewn around.

She also has a marrow bone, recommended by her breeder to help decrease the teething on our household items.. just videoed this hilarious bit with her having a show down her with bone.  Glad she is feeling better!!



About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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