Looking fresh– First grooming appointment!

I was planning on waiting to bring her to get groomed after she got her 12 week shots where she will be fully immune, but her nails were getting long and sharp!  So I called http://pets.petsmart.com/services/grooming/ and they said she won’t let her interact with any other dogs, so I was able to schedule an appointment the same day!  Here is a (sort of distant) before photo:

This car ride was a bit better she cried half way there, but the second half she figured out to lay down which made the ride a lot easier for her.  (This picture is from the first half of the car ride)

We got to PetSmart and the groomer was super nice!  Riley was a bit nervous at first, but as soon as she got into the groomers arms she was fine.  They did just a trim around her eyes and around her legs and then the cut and buffed her nails!  She looked like a little poof ball when I picked her up.  They also put little blue bows in her hair, although when I got her… one was already missing… we’ll probably be seeing that later.  Here she is after her first grooming trip!

The groomer told me to not brush her on my lap, they said she will think she is playing and thats why she bites the brush.  They recommended me to brush her on a hard surface which will also prepare her for future grooming sessions.  She got a progress report from her grooming session and they said she did great (minus being a little nervous during the bath).

She is getting better at sitting, waiting, and playing fetch!  Can’t wait to see what the Vet says next week at her 12 week appointment!

We talked to Riley’s breeders today (where they answered lots of questions and gave us lots of good tips!) and we will be setting up a play date soon!  Can’t wait!


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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