First puppy play date!

Big day!  Riley got to go visit her mom and one of her brothers (Marcos).  She had a little adjustment period at first, since the rest of the dogs there are used to playing with others dogs and she was getting ganged up on quite a bit!  After a little while, she was starting to hold her own and play fighting back with her brother who is 5 pounds bigger than her!  Here is Marcos one of her brothers

It was nice to see another one of her litter mates and his current abilities/behaviors to know we are on a pretty good track with Riley.  They played outside most of the time and it was drizzling the entire time and Zorra (Riley’s mom) kept having them chase her around

Riley was rolling around and having a blast.. and today she gets the award for the dirtiest she has ever been!

Can’t wait for more puppy/dog play dates!!






About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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