Busy Weekend!

Riley has a new friend named Gus!  They met previously for a quick moment when we went to Gus’ house for a Halloween party, but they didn’t get to play because Riley was still not vaccinated.  This Friday Gus and his owner Lauren came over to visit!  Gus is a 90 pound Golden Doodle and is a very mellow dog.  It was fun to see them play outside and hilarious to see the size difference when they were playing with each other.

We’re hoping down the road Riley takes on some of Gus’ mellow traits 🙂

On Saturday we took Riley on her first official road trip and longest time she has EVER been in the car.  We’ve had some previous incidences with her getting sick in the car so we were a little worried.  We had the crate with us, but I sat in the back with her so she didn’t have to be in the crate.  She did awesome!!!  She did a lot of this…

If she wasn’t sleeping she was very mellow!  She got to meet some of Jamie’s family, and 2 of our little nephews who she did pretty good with! Her nipping moments are definitely decreasing, but we definitely see the nipping increase as she gets more excited/familiar with the person she is with.

Here are some pictures of her on the car ride home.  She can’t wait to meet the rest of Jamie’s family on our next visit!


About Ms Riley's Blog

My name is Samantha and my husbands name is Jamie. We are new puppy owners :) She is a Portuguese Water Dog and we picked her up at 8 weeks old.
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