Riley’s first adventure outdoors

Riley had an exciting weekend!  On Saturday we took Riley to a place nearby that has a couple of hiking trails.  What we didn’t know was that there is a HUGE off leash dog park at the beginning of all the hiking trails!  (She had also gone on a hike with Jamie on Friday, so technically this was her second hike).

We kept Riley on the leash because she’s still so young and would never respond to us calling her name with all that excitement!  Plus she gets her third round of vaccinations this week, and the vet said no dog parks until she gets her third series.  A few dogs came over and sniffed, but we continued on our way to the hike.

She did great on the hike and was a sniffing machine.  On our way back to the car we had a little mishap with a big dog.. he came trampling over to Riley and somehow Riley ended up on her back and howling!  I picked her right up and within 5 seconds she was fine.  I think it was more traumatic for me than her.

After we got home, we decided to give her a bath and brush her.  She bites a lot less when we put her on a table..  I think this face says exactly how she feels about getting baths and brushed.

She also had her first sleepover!  She stayed at my parents on Sunday night while we were away for our 1st anniversary.  They said she did great!   They both noticed a decrease with her biting!  On the car ride home she sat on my lap and crashed for the next couple of hours from her busy weekend.  Her 16 week appointment is tomorrow, she is getting so big!!

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Riley loves dirt


Can you tell?  With the rain today the backyard is extra muddy.. so she’s loving it!

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Full flight.. piece of cake

Riley can now do a full flight of stairs up and down!

Shortly after she discovered her new skill, she went up to the 2nd floor and found the bathroom trash can!  Good thing I got another gate.

She is also getting taller and can now get to the top of her crate.  Here she is below up to no good.

She’s also just hit another teething phase.  She is back to biting pants, but is easily soothed with ice cubes and frozen carrots… good thing we have an endless supply of ice cubes!  Hope this teething phase isn’t too rough on her!

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Busy Weekend!

Riley has a new friend named Gus!  They met previously for a quick moment when we went to Gus’ house for a Halloween party, but they didn’t get to play because Riley was still not vaccinated.  This Friday Gus and his owner Lauren came over to visit!  Gus is a 90 pound Golden Doodle and is a very mellow dog.  It was fun to see them play outside and hilarious to see the size difference when they were playing with each other.

We’re hoping down the road Riley takes on some of Gus’ mellow traits 🙂

On Saturday we took Riley on her first official road trip and longest time she has EVER been in the car.  We’ve had some previous incidences with her getting sick in the car so we were a little worried.  We had the crate with us, but I sat in the back with her so she didn’t have to be in the crate.  She did awesome!!!  She did a lot of this…

If she wasn’t sleeping she was very mellow!  She got to meet some of Jamie’s family, and 2 of our little nephews who she did pretty good with! Her nipping moments are definitely decreasing, but we definitely see the nipping increase as she gets more excited/familiar with the person she is with.

Here are some pictures of her on the car ride home.  She can’t wait to meet the rest of Jamie’s family on our next visit!

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Latest trick!

This one was a tough trick to master, but with some help from a friend– she’s finally got it down!!  Sorry the video is off a bit,  but you get the idea 🙂

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Agility Training

Here’s what we did with my friend Katie while we were waiting for the trick or treators on Halloween.

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First puppy play date!

Big day!  Riley got to go visit her mom and one of her brothers (Marcos).  She had a little adjustment period at first, since the rest of the dogs there are used to playing with others dogs and she was getting ganged up on quite a bit!  After a little while, she was starting to hold her own and play fighting back with her brother who is 5 pounds bigger than her!  Here is Marcos one of her brothers

It was nice to see another one of her litter mates and his current abilities/behaviors to know we are on a pretty good track with Riley.  They played outside most of the time and it was drizzling the entire time and Zorra (Riley’s mom) kept having them chase her around

Riley was rolling around and having a blast.. and today she gets the award for the dirtiest she has ever been!

Can’t wait for more puppy/dog play dates!!





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