Ms. Riley Wigglebottom

Riley hears the faint sound of Jamie’s car beep, and excitement ensues.

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Riley loves the snow.

photo (76)

Jamie shoveled out a whole pathway for her and instead she chose to leap and bound in the 2 feet of snow and make her own path.

Other updates.. she is now close to 30 pounds!  She was spayed last week and they also removed an umbilical hernia.  She as you can see in the above video is doing great and is fully recovered!

photo (77)                                               photo (78)

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Still growing!

Riley is now 26.5 pounds and getting bigger everyday!  We had to get her a new crate, because.. well.. she flipped it on it’s side while she was in it!

photo (75)
She was stunned by her own ability.  So it was time to get her a bigger crate!

photo (73)She loves her new crate!  Except one time she was trying to get a water bottle that had fallen in between the wall and crate, and wriggled her way in between the two, and got stuck!  Don’t worry, she was only there for a quick second.

photo (74)Riley loves the snow, and when it is snowing she tries to catch all the snowflakes!



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Haven’t posted in a while! We have been very busy and traveling with the holidays! Here are a few pictures of Riley. She doesn’t really like getting dressed up as you can tell 🙂


Riley gets caught digging in the mulch at Jamie’s parents house!


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Wrapping paper party!


Riley- “Oh, you didn’t want me to help you wrap the gifts?”

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Getting big!

Riley is 4 and a half months old today and I was looking back at pictures from when we first got her..

Here she is at 2 months old



Here she is at 3 months old

IMG_0679Here she is at 4 months old




She now tipping the scales just shy of 20 pounds!  Can’t believe this is only half of her full grown weight and will be twice the size of what she is now!

We had another field trip this past weekend and went to CT to visit Jamie’s family, and she had great fun with everyone.  She did awesome on the car ride home with one pit stop and she slept almost the whole way!

Here she is relaxing with Kelsey– just sprawling out right on top of her, haha

photo (72)


I’ll end this post with Riley’s current favorite place to hang out/hide… she probably won’t fit under there for long!

photo (71)


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Dog Mania!!

We were in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving and there were 4 other dogs there!  2 Newfoundlands and 2 Miniature Schnauzers.  One of the Newfie’s is around 3 years old and is over 100 pounds, the puppy Newfie is 70 pounds and is one month older than Riley, and the miniature schnauzer’s are Riley’s size.  I was excited/nervous to see how they would all get along.

Riley was initially scared of all of the dogs.  She was in complete submission as she met each dog, she curled up in a ball, and looked to be very fearful.  After the first night, Riley became much more relaxed and wanted to play with all the dogs!  There was not much playing between the miniature schnauzer’s, but the behaved well with each other.  The puppy Newfie (Blue) and Riley became best buds!  They played this one game where Riley hid under a couch where Blue could barely fit under, and Riley would bark like crazy and Blue would kinda just lay there staring at her, very relaxed, haha!

They also played tug of war, which was hilarious because I think Riley thought she had a chance….

and lots of playing in the fenced in backyard!

Here’s the momma Newfie (Bella) with her son, Blue.  Bella is the one closest to the door, probably planning on what areas to hit up first for leftovers!

After Thanksgiving we went for a pretty long walk with all the dogs!  Riley did great and had fun sniffing around and only once or twice got the leash caught up with one of the other dogs.  Riley had a great time and it went a lot better than we were expecting!  I think she already misses her new buddy Blue!

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